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Beat the Clock - Battle Mode

Beat the Clock - Battle Mode

Tiger Tribe
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Whether you're inside or outside, at home, the park or even at school, our Beat the Clock Battle Mode Set is jam-packed with fun and constructive activities for friends to challenge each other with and compete against time. Arm yourself with a battle pad, grab the stop watch and go! Who will be the ultimate winner?

From star jump challenges to brain busters, Letter Scramble games at home to Battle Bingo at the park this set has 33 different activities all created to get your little one moving, thinking and exploring. 

Great also for solo play or with a group of friends, test your skills against time with this innovative and super fun activity set.

Each set includes:

    Stopwatch (battery included)
    2 x Battle pads containing challenges
    Handy storage box
    2 HB pencil for recording

Suitable for ages 5+