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Reusable Nappy Starter Kit - Pale Grey Tree

Reusable Nappy Starter Kit - Pale Grey Tree

Pure Baby
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Introducing Reusable Nappies by Purebaby. Our reusable nappy Deluxe Pack is perfect for those who wish to start on their reusable nappy journey, looking to purchase a gift or to simply try out the range. Available in two sizes, our starter kit contains 1x Reusable Nappy, 1x day-time pad and 1x change mat. 


Made from certified organic cotton

Contains 1x reusable nappy, 1x day-time pad and 1x change mat

Nappy pads feature a sun embroidery to easily differentiate between day and night pads

Nappies feature a double elasticated barrier on the legs to assist in preventing leakages

Our nappies contain a terry towelling inner layer which is coated in a non-toxic, waterproof layer of PU (Polyurethane), to assist in preventing leakages.

Adjustable snaps on the nappy to allow for easy changing and won’t get caught on your baby's delicate skin. With multiple snaps, you can adjust the size of the nappy to keep your baby comfortable as they grow.

Our fold-open change mat is an on-the-go change space

Change mat doubles as a storage solution for your nappy and pad/s.